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This should make it easier for voting

mrs_isaacsput a poll up in the previous entry for who should get 3rd and 4th place. this chart should help you understand a bit more about whats at stake and who plays who.

What Happens if...

Adelaide (currently 2nd, 30pts) v Mariners (6th, 24 pts)

WIN:  seals second spot and two lives in the finals
DRAW: could still finish second but relies on sydney failing to beat Queensland
LOSE:  could be overtaken by sydney or queensland but cannot be caught by fifth placed jets because of a superior goal difference

Newcastle (currently 5th. 27pts) v Melbourne (currently 1, 45pts)

WIN: Could take them to third spot and certain to be enough for top four placing
DRAW:  would still suffice if sydney beat Queensland
LOSE: Game over

Sydney FC (currently 3rd, 28pts) v Queensland (4, 28 points)

WIN: Will finish second if Adelaide fail to beat Mariners
DRAW: Seals at least fourth place, no matter what happens elsewhere
LOSE: Could miss the finals altogether-if the jets beat melbourne.

Queensland (4th, 28 points) v Sydney FC (3rd, 28 pts)

WIN: Will finish second if adelaide lose to the mariners. third at worst
DRAW: Only sufficient to clinch play-off place if jets fail to beat melbourne
LOSE: Could be good enough to take fourth but only if melbourne down jets

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